04 April 2009


This is my desk.

I work at Degage Ministries on 144 South Division as the Referral Coordinator from 7:30 - 3:30 each weekday.

My responsibilities include:

a) A lot of listening.

b) Helping those in the Heartside area to be more connected to the services in the city of Grand rapids.

After 4 years of undergraduate studies in Philosophy at Calvin College, this job has given me a completely different view of Grand Rapids and the diversity of citizens who live here. In the past year, I have learned an incredible amount about the culture of poverty, homelessness, government aid, non-profit organizations, substance abuse, mental illness, community, deception, kindness, and area resources. I wanted to share that with whoever else wanted to know. I don't know how often I'll update (I have been in the habit of writing things down... manually... in a book...) but I'll work on it.

I will not use any actual names within any of my blog entries.

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