31 December 2009

So It Goes

Georgine cried for half an hour in my office after Patrick died, even though he had just gotten out of jail for beating her up. "I don't know why he wouldn't get out of the way of the train. Wonderful... bull-headed... idiot."


Gary was the second person to almost die from a heroine overdose in the left stall of the bathroom. But through the climbing under the stall to get him out, the 9-1-1 call, the CPR, the AED, and the EMS team, Pete just kept washing his hands in the sink.


(Pete has cancer, and has been dying for months. Dying with impeccable hygiene.)

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  1. I still enjoy these thoughts, Anna. Thanks for the reminder about finals today. I still think it is far, far away, though.

    Anyhoo, if I can be as pertinent as to have two suggestions to freshen up your lying-in-the-weeds theologian (just for conversation's sake) it would be:

    Sex and Love in the Home - by David Matzko Mccarthy. Although this is a difficult read, it is an excellent alternative to the views of sexual desire, romantic love, upward mobility, marriage and households that are receive as given from American culture and it did me well to have such incisive and appropriate critique as well as constructive alternatives that are sooooo practical to married life and the building and existing in family and the body of christ. run-on sentence much?

    second, Desiring the Kingdom by your very own James K.A. Smith. Ordering desires has become more and more prominent in my understanding of addiction and recovery as well as understanding my own experience of building a Good Life. I hope to incorporate much of this theory and practise into my place at Harvest Farm. It is also much more accessible than the McCarthy book. Speaking of, Cormac Mccarthy is my very favorite author ever, have I told you this before? - that's a bonus suggestion.

    Hope you and your husband are well and thriving - never tire from doing good, anna.

    see you soon.