10 February 2010

Why I Have a Business Card

I just checked my voicemail, and this was the only message:

"Anna, this is Papa John's Pizza over on... that place... ah... we got your order for an extra large pizza with um... 300 toppings. You have quite an appitite. We are all talking about it. All of our staff over here. But we wanted to tell you that you have to give the money to Mr. Fredrickson. Pay him for your really... huge pizza. I'm just kidding. It's Mr. Fredrickson. You know I love you. Trust in Jesus. He knows your heart. I love you. Bye."

I recently re-designed my business card, but I still had about 25 of the old ones left, so I waited to print the new ones. I waited about 3 months. I don't give my business card out very often. This is a "give me your word" kind of neighborhood, not a "give me more thin, small easy-to-lose items to keep track of" kind of place.

But some people will ask for my card, and some of those people really mean it. I think there's just something about having someone's number in your pocket... you have something tangible to show that you've got people, and those people have got your back. I've been asked to laminate my card on more than one occasion.

That's why I have business cards: so people who don't have a whole lot of names in their address book can put mine in their pocket, so they know they have something, they know they can call somewhere.

I would feel really bad if Mr. Fredrickson didn't have any phone numbers to prank call.

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