05 May 2010

A Year, Here

My goal was to write this blog, at least semi-consistently, for a full year. The year has ended, and for now, I am content with leaving it here as it is: a free-standing record of the colors and sounds and troubles and joys of a year, here, on South Division. I hope that you, whomever you are, have enjoyed reading it.

And for anyone who wonders, the current score is Anna: 12, Mr. Robertson: 4.
(But that one wasn't even a math problem. It was a picture he drew.)


  1. Wow. Sad to see you wrap this up - you held a much needed mirror up to those in your world, and let us peep into their lives and their humanity.

    Virtually every one of your posts caused me to stop, think, and sometimes even act. Well done.

  2. Anna; so sad. What could possibly replace you on my favorites toolbar? Nothing, I'd assume. But all good things must come to an end, I suppose. And this was a very good thing.