16 June 2009

Summer Vacation (and) "How Come the Beach Pavilion Don't Take Bridge Cards?"

Currently, my husband, my parents, and my siblings are all on Summer Vacation. For the last couple of weeks, they have been singing the praises of leisure free time (except for AJ, who prefers packed schedules), forgetting that I don't have summer vacation at all. This is the first summer of my post-kindergarten life in which I haven't undergone a significant schedule change at the beginning of June. I was reminded today that I was not alone in this.

Today was Beach Day.

Today was Beautiful.

"I've never been to the beach before!!"

(Then she had a panic attack.)

(Then she recovered!)

"Do you want something to eat?"
"Yeah, I will. But I haven't seen this lake for 40 years, and I'm really enjoying it."

And here I was, feeling that I was shackled by my job.

Today, I realized that I am not shackled, but liberated.

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  1. Hey Anna, this is Holly, i just found yoru blog through Anna Gus.. I REALLY LOVE this blog. Thought I'd let you know........love what you are doing.