10 June 2009

Y'all's Good People

Jarrone and I have always been fond of each other, in a sort of "quit doing that or I'll kill you" sort of way. It's the classic relationship between the half-intentional rule breaker and the hyper-attentive hand of order (can that be classic?) He mutters, he cheats and cuts in line. I don't stand for foolishness like that. We're friends.

Jarrone came in my office yesterday morning at eight o'clock, and sits down. He didn't sign up, I didn't call him, but he got lucky this time. My list was empty.

"Y'all got me my ID. You know, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. I aint kidding. Hold on."

He dials a number on his cell phone, and slaps it on my desk. He jams in one of the buttons, and I hear ringing coming out of the speaker.


"Christina. Wake up. Dj'you ever thank these people? These Degage people?"

"What? Jerrone, it's so early. I need coffee first."

"No you aint. You say thank you. Right now. Anna, say something."

"Ahh... I didn't tell him to call you."

"Oh, yeah, hi Anna. Sorry. Thank you. Y'all real nice."

"Okay that's enough. Go get you coffee."

He hangs up the phone.

"Y'all's good people. Hold on."

I 'held on' for 45 minutes... and continued working. Sometime mid-morning, Jerrone walks into my office, without signing up to see me, again. He slams two A&W Root Beers on my desk and says, "Y'all have a good day." And that's it.