23 November 2009

Never. Before. (Forgotten. Found.)

Beau had never had a Tootsie Roll Pop before...
So he ate it. 6 teeth-splintering bites.

Jaime had never had a cell phone before...
So he waited half an hour for someone to pick up. He had not pressed the 'Send' button yet.

Paul hadn't been to college before...
He thought the books were extra merchandise, bought by the rich people.

Grace hadn't celebrated her Birthday in 45 years...
She didn't know her age. Or the song.

It was the first time in forever that Joe had seen his chin, and that mole.

Jules had waited 40 years to see Lake Michigan again, and had forgotton you couldn't see the other side.

Kevin spoke to his father in Louisiana, who had not yet forgotten about him (even though he sounded different. Faded accent.)

Rosa received her one and only laminated picture of her son, and realized how much he looked like her.

Gary had never smelled new shoes.

Nobody had ever made Ray a birthday card.

Louise said that it had been months since someone had looked her in the eye.

[I don't realize what I'm doing until I am told what I have done.
We don't see significance until it's verbalized,


  1. Hey Anna,

    I just read your entire journal. I don't quite have a way with words like you do, so I don't even know what to say. Just, this is wonderful, and important, and I hope you keep doing it.


  2. Thank you, Daniella. I have definitely enjoyed writing this blog, and sharing the things I am learning. Sharing perspectives, I think, is a very important form of education.

  3. At some point, you should print your stories and bind them into a book. These are stories that should be shared with lots and lots of people. :)