24 July 2009


Ms. Marron is not a cat lady--that's the problem.

Simultaneously, both of her female cats got pregnant and had their own litters of kittens. Each Mother Cat became very posessive of her kittens, accusing the other of stealing her spawn--and Ms. Marron is finding it hard to separate the two feline families in her studio apartment. The kittens have got to go. Unfortunately, they're not at the cute stage yet (I argue that they never will be), and no one will take a handful 6-day-old kittens. Since she can't afford to pay to get rid of them, Ms. Marron is very grateful that she does not have cat allergies.


Brian always wears a backpack--this is not too unusual.

Like most people, he doesn't open it very frequently, and minds his own business. Yesterday, he decided to tell us his secret (and his passion, and his self-defense weapon). In his backpack, he keeps a 7-foot boa constrictor, as wide around as a 20 oz. soda bottle, and according to him, "very sweet and friendly". It's easier to carry her on his shoulders, which balances the weight better than the backpack, but for some reason, the neighborhood takes up an issue with this. He feeds it mice, which is how it wins points from the tenants of the Herkimer.


Cindy has a pet mouse--I think she caught it at the Herkimer.

She successfully took it up at 20 ft. streetlight pole the other day, and sang its praises to anyone who would listen--they seem to listen more attentively than when it is a few inches from their nose, which was the first method she tried. Her mouse manifesto lasted as long as she got attention for it.
I think she was just protecting it from Brian's boa constrictor.

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  1. Someone was walking around our neighborhood with a boa constrictor yesterday. That's really weird.